H. G. Stratmann


You may think that cardiology and science fiction don’t have anything in common. Well, they do come together in the person of physician and SF author Henry G. (H. G.) Stratmann, M.D. No, that doesn’t mean he specializes in treating aliens with heart problems. However, if a Time Lord or other extraterrestrial with an unconventional cardiovascular system ever comes to his office, he’ll be ready. Henry can call on knowledge and experience he’s gleaned from reading SF most of his life, writing SF for Analog Science Fiction and Fact, and over thirty-three years as a cardiologist to deliver the best medical care possible.

Take a moment to peruse his website. You’ll learn how he became a science fiction writer, when his next story will appear in Analog, and read about his book Sex and Your Heart Health: A Cardiologist Tells All.

You’ll also discover that writing SF runs in the family. His teenage son, Henry III, has already penned his first collection of short “flash fiction” stories, Eye Has Not Seen.


Welcome to the World of H. G. Stratmann